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Because you care!

About the Earth and our children who inherit it.

Why Choose Earthpaint? So your finishes don’t poison the Earth or anyone on it! Beauty, strength and sustainability are vital to us. We show this in every deck stain, wood finish, floor finish and non toxic paint product made.

Earthpaint invents and manufactures Healthy Sustainable Finishes; beautiful, modern finishes made in the healthiest, most sustainable way.

Earthpaint will not poison the earth for profit and that is our promise. You get long lasting finishes without the poison. Locally sourced and manufactured our finishes have the lowest ecological footprint possible. We demand long life cycle and sustainability, from manufacture to landfill. Most of our products can be grown back, forever! We do not use vinyl, mineral spirits or any other toxic petrochemical.

Here you will find Mountain, the world’s first 100% natural urethane for wood floors. Lime Prime, a zero VOC mineral paint that can paint directly over black mold and mildew stains. Rainforest Sealer an all natural wood finish, thick and rich that makes the wood come alive like nothing else you’ve seen. Mountain XT, the best deck stain and exterior wood finish ever created. And many other great healthy sustainable finishes, solvents and paints.

Learn About Chemicals Affecting Our Children and Earth in This Video.

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Making A Difference With Non Toxic Paint and Wood Finish.

wood finishIt has never been more vital to make a difference with non toxic paint and wood finish. Clearly, the planet is heading in a dangerous direction, threatening everyone on earth. Dangerous petrochemicals inundated every facet of our life [baby clothes, food, diapers, deodorant, fuel, heat, sunscreen, blankets, computers, toothpaste, candy, paint, deck stain, wood finish, floor finish and scariest of all is medicine!].

From Bhopal to Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, chemicals are everywhere in America and the world.  Weaning off these petro poisons is not easy for any industry that is dependent on them to put food on the table.  It’s kind of like burning down the house to cook dinner! They seem to make living better, cheaper, more affordable, more convenient but they eventually make living worse, more difficult and painful to watch as they kill the people and the planet in front of our eyes.

The paint and wood finish industry has historically been dominated by petrochemicals. Some chemicals are safe but many are dangerous petrochemicals. These toxins have been overused and minimized. The dangers have been shirked off and sometimes disregarded altogether.  Two of the worst offenders are Deck Stain and Floor Finish but Wood Finish and Paint of all types have been loaded with dangerous petrochemicals. It has gotten so bad that even the EPA put regulations on petrochemical solvents in paint and wood Finish. They call this VOC regulation.  Most people have heard of VOC or volatile organic compounds (primarily petrochemical solvents). VOC’s have become well known but many other dangerous chemicals lurk beyond the scope of the VOC measurements. Low Voc deck stain and wood finish simply is not enough.  Non toxic paint and wood finish cannot be measured by VOC claims on a fancy label. It requires more.

Finally! Beautiful Paint & Wood Finish without the Poisons!!

wood finishEarthpaint produces only Healthy Sustainable Finish!  Earthpaint was founded by Tom Rioux, a professional painter for 25 years. Tom was poisoned by the paints and wood finish he was told were safe. He narrowly survived. This is the basis for Earthpaint’s deep, life affirming commitment to make strong, safe paint and wood finish. Earthpaint now offers beautiful floor finish, deck stain, wood finish and non-toxic paint products that are as good or better than conventional paint and wood finish. Earthpaint was the first, and may still be the only, USA based Healthy Sustainable Finish manufacturer. Earthpaint is proving that there are better, kinder alternatives. We do not use toxic petrochemical solvents in deck stain. We do not use mineral spirits in our oil wood finish. No naphtha, toluene, xylene, vinyl or benzene in our wood finish. No Poison! We are confident that Earthpaint is providing the safest alternative on the planet!

Our biodegradable paint and wood finish contain non-toxic and natural ingredients derived from plants, vegetables, trees, minerals and elements. Nearly all of these finishing components are gathered locally (within a day’s drive of Asheville, NC) and are domestically produced and harvested. We avoid using anything in our paint and wood finish that gets shipped in from overseas.  Embodied energy and the entire ecological footprint is examined throughout the paint and wood finish formulation process. It is then reexamined on a yearly basis because things change and we need to be responsive to that.  

The Safest Paint and Wood Finish On The Planet!

wood finishEarthpaint won’t compromise our non toxic paint and wood finish quality by adding harmful ingredients, and we don’t have to! We are making non-toxic, natural finish products that are as good as, or better than conventionally made paint and wood finish products. Did you know that paint and wood finish can emit or release poisonous gases for many years? Contrary to common belief, even with some of the newer acrylic latex or wood finish, toxic emissions do not stop when the paint dries and the “smell’ goes away. This is why we offer high quality paint and wood finish without toxic petro-chemical solvents, without the toxic smell and other common hazards.

With Earthpaint you get the best non toxic paint and natural wood finish. Beautiful wood finish makes a home wonderful to be in. Clean smelling walls make you want to be there. You don’t need to worry about how long the poisons will seep into grandma’s room, or the new baby’s room, or the children’s room because there are NO POISONS in our non toxic paint and wood finish products. If there isn’t any poison in wood finish to begin with, there’s no need to worry at all. Better, natural non-toxic paint and wood finish, without the poisons! Nice!

We also consider the impact of a paint and wood finish product from it’s inception to disposal, asking questions such as “How much energy do we use to make this wood finish?”, “What resources are used in this wood finish or deck stain? Are they renewable? Sustainable?”, “How does this Lime Clean mold eradicator decompose after its lifespan has ended?” If the answers aren’t satisfactory we change the process until they are right. If an ingredient isn’t safe for a painter it doesn’t go in our paint or wood finish. If it’s not safe for the planet...the animals...people -it does not go in!!!

Envirosocial Responsibility – Deck Stain and Wood Finish Made The Sustainable Way, Without Chemical Poisons!

wood finishWe are determined to change the way paint, wood finish, deck stain and other wood finishing products are made. It takes millions of people to HELP THE KIDS HAVE A LONG, HAPPY LIFE! This is why we use terms like enviro-social responsibility and petro-poisons. There are millions of people who want colorful deck stain; Ultra Tough Wood finish; and decorative surfaces. But millions of people poison the planet when using toxic paint and wood finish. What about the kids? It’s our environmental and social responsibility to help.  By calling things what they are ***poisons*** the choice becomes more obvious. Buying healthy sustainable paint, deck stain and wood finish sends the message to those who are manufacturing petro poisons on a large scale. We want a healthy, strong world to live in and pass on to the kids!

Creating natural wood finish, deck stain and non toxic paint that can truly replace and reinvent the old toxic paint and wood finish standards requires new thought directives, new formulary, creative sustainable manufacturing processes and innovation. At Earthpaint, we combined these attributes with innovative thinking and expertise to reinvent wood finish with non-toxic, sustainable practices and the utilization of natural ingredient production capabilities. We have a true dedication to the environment and all things living and breathing on our planet!

When using Earthpaint natural wood finish products you are supporting responsible business practices that were developed with sustainable processes to ensure NO HARM comes to the planet or its inhabitants.

Community Based Non-Toxic Paint and Wood finish

wood finishAsheville, NC. based Earthpaint Inc., works closely with the community to provide beautiful, satisfying non-toxic paint, deck stain and wood finish without the dangers common to most wood finish. You will not find more beautiful paint and wood finish anywhere. We want to show that business and responsible eco-practices can co-exist and that paint, deck stain and wood finish are not synonymous with poison! Earthpaint wood finish and deck stains will highlight the dramatic beauty of all the floors throughout your home or office. The paint will look and smell great!

Presently, our innovative sustainable processes have shown us that we can produce safe paint, non-toxic wood finish, and other safe coatings competitively. Additionally, every geographic area has a unique set of natural resources that could create a uniquely suited local paint and wood finish. We can help identify these materials and use them to make non-toxic paint and wood finish locally and dramatically reduce the amount of transportation and processing fuel required for the production and distribution of paint, deck stain and wood finish.

Earthpaint uses earth friendly recycled plastic containers for some wood finish and deck stains. And quickly biodegradable tin cans for certain deck stain, wood finish and non toxic paint.


Use The Power of Inorganic Minerals After Mold Abatement

Lime Prime uses the amazing power of minerals to prime buildings after mold abatement is done. This incredible primer can paint directly over mold and mildew stains and stay clean, even in high mold environments. The problem with mold remediation is keeping the mold from coming back. Lime Prime is an essential tool in this process. It is made from inorganic lime. Lime is a mineral that has been used by farmers for centuries to kill mold in barns. Lime is inorganic. By harnessing the power of inorganic chemistry mold is left without food. Not feeding mold is essential to avoiding it from coming back, naturally. Inorganic materials such as Lime have no carbon molecule. This means they do not biodegrade like organic matter does. Organic matter often feeds mold. By using an inorganic mineral to prime after mold remediation there is nothing to feed future mold growth and a surface is left that mold does not prefer to live on. This is the best way to prime after mold clean up and abatement is done. It does not rely on chemicals to kill mold. It doesn't require mildewcides, pesticides, biocides or any "cides". Lime Prime uses natures own defenses to keep surfaces clean, healthy and sustainable.