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Wood Assure

Semi Solid Exterior Stain | Zero Voc | Sun and Mold Resistant

Log Finish, Siding Stain, Deck Stain, Fence, Barns+

Wood FinishINTRO: Wood Assure is the only super duty Zero Voc exterior stain system! It was engineered in two parts for for the most dynamic performance. Wood Assure 1 blocks Sun and Mold. Wood Assure 2 hardens and fortifies against abrasion and water. Wood Assure is able to not only block ultra violet radiation but also to block and disperse infrared radiation which is alot harder to do. Ultra violet rays do not penetrate very deeply and can be stopped fairly easily however infra red rays are deeply penetrating and damaging. Most wood finishes simply cannot deal with more than a few months of this type of exposure and when they fail the wood suffers. Wood Assure also creates a strong barrier against mold stains and other contaminants. Intertwined in every wood fiber is super dense inorganic minerals locked in by rich cashew resin and zinc borate. A simple biannual wash with Earth Clean keeps the wood clean and full of life for years to come.

It's been a long time coming but the day is here, we have a safe semi solid stain for protecting wood in harsh climates! If you've ever worked with a high performance exterior stain you know how toxic and painful it can be to apply. With Wood Assure you no longer have to kill yourself to keep exterior wood looking good! That's not to say it isn't super strong, it is, but it has practically no odor, zero voc and washes up with water!
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Wood Assure 1 is a zero voc Concentrate and Makes Two Gallons which means Half the shipping costs! Breathable, Non Flammable, Extremely Mold and Sun Resistant. Zero VOC. Practically Odorless. Fast Drying. Advanced inorganic mineral technology based on Lime and Potassium. No acrylic or alkyd emulsions. Top coat with Wood Assure 2 (low voc, citrus) for the greatest protection, utilizing the power of Lime and Cashew for the toughest semi solid exterior stain going. (Check out Rainforest Sealer and Mountain XT for the best Clear and Semi Transparent Stains)

Semi Solid Stain vs Semi Transparent. Wood Assure is a semi solid stain, you see wood grain but it blocks UV / IR greatly. Rainforest and Mountain XT are available in a truely transparent Clear 00 and dozens of semi transparent stains. They both illuminate the natural wood grain substantially. Performance and beauty wise Rainforest Sealer and Mountain XT are at the top of the wood finish food chain but there are times when a semi solid stain is the better choice. Generally, semi solid stains provide greater sun blocking capablities, Wood Assure takes that to another level.

As you can see there are many options to suit every situation. For help figuring out what is best for your project try our Ask Earthpaint tool.

PERFECT FOR: Log Homes in harsh conditions. You want more protection than a single coat of stain but you don't want any sheen or film on top. You don't want a stain and acrylic top coat and it's important to keep costs down. Wood Assure is for you. It will provide more protection, easy maintenance and is cost effective. The best way to find out for sure is to try a sample pint of Wood Assure 1 and 2 in your favorite color. Natural Pine is the most common log finish color and holds up very well.

WOOD ASSURE 1 THEORETICAL COVERAGE: Rough and Dry 400-600 sft / 2 gallons mixed. These estimates are based 2 gallons of stain mixed. So to cover 400 sft you only need to buy one gallon and mix it with water to make 2 gallons of the wood treatment.
WOOD ASSURE 2 THEORETICAL COVERAGE: 350-500 sft per gallon. Top coat with the same color used for the first coat. On new or non porous woods add one quart of Pure Citrus Solvent or Corn Solvent per gallon. This product has low voc not zero voc. It uses Pure Citrus Solvent to penetrate deeply. Citrus Solvent is considered a zero net global warming contributor since it is from food waste products and the tree continues live and to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Renewable, Sustainable and Strong.

Non-Toxic PaintWood Assure 1
First Coat
Non-Toxic PaintWood Assure 2
2nd Coat (optional)
DESCRIPTION: Wood Assure 1 is the first part of this state of the art exterior stain system. It is provided in a heavy duty, concentrated formula that gets mixed 1:1 with water. Wood Assure 1 is the only premium exterior stain that contains zero voc and the only one that is made from naturally derived lime.

We engineered a two coat system that provides excellent Ultra Violet and Infra Red Radiation protection. It also offers outstanding water and weather protection while still remaining breathable. (Most, if not all, two coat stain systems today are not breathable.) When the first coat is applied it creates a near opaque mineral shield in the wood. This blocks UV Radiaton and reflects Infra Red Radiation. Then when the top coat is applied it is wicked deep into the wood by Wood Assure 1. The cashew resin top coat makes Wood Assure 1  more transparent and allows more of the wood grain to show through. The top coat provides water damage protection and hardens Wood Assure 1; creating a highly durable weather barrier that is breathable and has a flat sheen. This two coat approach is significantly stronger than one thick coat.

Wood Assure is a powerful system that can protect wood in areas that need it most. Since the Wood Assure system is breathable there is no problems with trapping moisture in the wood. Peeling is not an issue and prep in order to do maintenance is as simple as washing with Lime Clean, Earth Clean or pressure washing. This is much easier than traditional Solid or Semi Color Stains that provide great UV blocking capabilities but don't show the wood grain and can be difficult and expensive to maintain.

Non-Toxic PaintWood Assure 1
Cool Whitewash
Non-Toxic PaintWood Assure 1 Natural Pine Non-Toxic PaintWood Assure 1 & 2 Brown CedarNon-Toxic PaintWood Assure 1 & 2 Cinnamon Stick

Non-Toxic PaintWood Assure 1 & 2 Natural Pine ONE COAT OF WOOD ASSURE 1: FENCES, BARNS, JOBSITE LOGS & TIMBERS, BLUE STAIN INFECTED PINE...Wood Assure 1 is a flat mineral stain that will provide excellent mold / UV / IR Radiation protection by itself, even in the most intense regions. In some instances a single coat of Wood Assure 1 is all that is required. The benefits of this are less expense, lighter color tones, very flat sheen, excellent mold resistance and washes off easily with a pressure washer. Even after it is washed off the minerals imbued into to the wood will continue to provide protection.  

For instance, Natural Pine can be applied to logs that will be sitting on a jobsite for a long period of time. Then when it's ready to be finished it can be pressue washed off and restained with the final finsh. Natural Pine will look natural, protect the wood underneath and be affordable. Some of the minerals will stay in the wood, providing permanent protection, especially for the sap wood cells that they coalesce with. This can be hard to see at first since Natural Pine looks so much like actual pine but it is there even after scrubbing continuing to work. There is nothing else like it. If you've been around logs for any period of time you know how hard blue stain and mold stains are to deal with. Once you try Wood Assure you'll be amazed. It's not like mold will never grow again but the surface is protected from stains. Log Finish

The weakness of using only one coat is that it's not as strong against foot traffic, reveals less wood grain, and has less water protection. The most common scenarios to use one coat of Wood Assure 1 would be Barns, Fences, Jobsite Lumber, Blue Stain Pine, and low traffic / high mold / high sun. Areas where cost is essential to keep low yet a simple effective way of keeping the wood protected is needed. FENCES are an area where being able to pressure wash a finish off is pretty important; nobody wants to sand a finish off a fence, right? One coat of Cool Whitewash or Natural Pine do wonders for fences. BARNS really just need one coat of Wood Assure 1. It's fine to put Wood Assure 2 on as well, but we've done barns and it just seems like overkill. One coat of Wood Assure Cool Whitewash or Natural Pine looks great and holds up. INSIDE BARNS: It's amazing on the insided since Lime has been used for centuries in barns to kill microbial growth around the animals. Wood Assure takes that to a whole new level since it's significantly stronger than just a lime wash.

2 COAT SYSTEM: LOG HOME FINISH, TIMBER FRAME EXTERIOR STAIN, WOOD TRIM STAIN, DECK STAIN. Wood Assure is an awesome two coat system. This is not a stain first and then put acrylic on top kind of finish! We wouldn't put acrylic on a dog house much less a priceless home! First apply Wood Assure 1 (Lime, Potassium, Minerals) then apply Wood Assure 2 (Cashew Resin, Zinc Borate) as a protective top coat.  By treating the logs with a breathable mineral stain first and then soaking through with a top coat of cashew and zinc borate the wood fibers get fortified to an exceptionally high degree. Minerals and Cellulose Fibers are locked together. Sunlight damage is blocked. Rain is repelled from the wood cell yet that cell remains breathable. There are no peeling issues or difficult maintenance issues and the wood keeps looking great year after year. Top coating also reveals the wood grain more, deepening the beauty of the stain colors. A biannual wash with Earth Clean will keep the wood looking fresh and clean. Dog on Deck

TOP COAT DETAILS : In high sun areas apply the same color that you used for Wood Assure 1. In less sun or shaded areas it's fine to use Clear 00 as the top coat. This is the highest performing “breathable” exterior log and siding stain combination there is. By applying one coat of WOOD ASSURE 2 over Wood Assure 1 the wood stays flat, breathable and protected. The top coat is wicked into the wood by Wood Assure 1,  penetrating deep into the wood fibers, locking the minerals into the wood. The Cashew resin in Wood Assure 2 gets super hard and resilient against all types of weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s the high mold of Hawaii; Cold of Canada or intense desert heat of Arizona, Wood Assure will handle it and handle it well. WOOD ASSURE 2 deepens the stain colors making them more transparent. This reveals wood grain nicely while still maintaining a high degree of sunlight protection. If using Cool Whitewash then it is best to use Never Peel as a top coat since Wood Assure 2 will make the Cool Whitewash too transparent, less white.

Non-Toxic PaintNever Peel
Water Repellent
NEVER PEEL WATER REPELLENT: Water beads up. Best on Cool Whitewash. Works well on any of the other colors. Low cost. Low Odor. Zero VOC option. This is the fastest, easiest top coat to apply and since it is so easy it is something that many people don’t mind doing themselves. It needs recoating sooner than Wood Assure 2 but it is very easy and affordable to do. This non toxic, zero voc, low odor water repellent will soak through the Wood Assure 1, deep into the wood fibers and create a breathable yet water repelling coating. Eventually when it needs to be recoated just wash with Earth Clean and spray it on letting it soak into the wood evenly. Wood Assure 1 and Never Peel perform excellent together, even in the harshest environments. The stain colors come out lighter with Never Peel than Wood Assure 2 so for those looking to keep lighter tones Never Peel may be the best choice.

Never Peel looks great over Wood Assure 1 - Cool Whitewash. It can be removed and recoated with a strong solution of Earth Clean or Lime Clean making maintenance recoats super easy. Cool Whitewash with Never Peel will generally last 3-5 years on vertical wood siding in harsh climates, even then the wood will still benefit from UV / IR that Wood Assure 1 provides; it is just the Water Repelling qualities that should be bolstered with maintenance coats of Never Peel as needed.

HIGH SUN EXPOSURE CLIMATES: In areas where intense sunlight prevails, such as desert climates, Wood Assure can make a big difference. Wood Assure 1 is based on sustainable inorganic chemistry which has many advantages in the sun. Imagine the difference between rock and wood in the desert. Rock holds strong. Wood shrivels quickly if unprotected. Rock is inorganic. Wood is organic (contains carbon molecule). The minerals in Wood Assure 1 do not have a carbon molecule and thus do not degrade from sunlight and heat. When wood heats up and is exposed to UV radiation it deteriorates faster. But, if Wood Assure 1 is there acting as a buffer the sun is safely blocked and reflects back out into space and away from the wood. This isn't to say it'll last forever but as long as it's there it'll be protecting your wood from the sun.

COOL COLORS FOR HARSH SUN CLIMATES: Cool Whitewash and Natural Pine are the most cooling wood coating colors for high sun climates. If white is not in the color scheme then Natural Pine coated with Never Peel or Wood Assure 2  is the next most cooling wood coating for high sun wood areas.  We don’t recommend Wood Assure 2 over Cool Whitewash because it makes it transparent, less white and Never Peel looks better on white.

The best exterior stain for high mold areas is Wood Assure 1 and Wood Assure 2. Wood Assure does not support mold growth. The Lime and Cashew resin are things mold runs from and simply cannot bear to be near. By coating wood with the full Wood Assure system the wood is protected and any dirt sponsoring mold spores can be washed off in a Bi Annual washing with Earth Clean. Just when most stains need to be stripped and recoated Wood Assure cleans up real nice. Preparation in high mold areas is essential. Wash the wood with Lime Clean first to insure it is properly prepared from the start. Then stain with Wood Assure 1 Natural Pine, Brown Cedar or Cinnamon Stick. If you want to go all out Top coat with Wood Assure 2 and the Cool Whitewash Stainwood will be protected for many years to come.

It’s also fine to just use one coat of Wood Assure 1 Cool Whitewash and have a true whitewash stain that will naturally erode away over time. It keeps the wood clean and is super easy to maintain with Earth Clean a hose and a scrub brush. Wood Assure offers a full range of options. So, after a while if you decide you want more protection or a different color it’s easy to make happen.

FIXING WOOD PERMANENTLY DISCOLORED BY BLACK MOLD STAINS: Wash with Lime Clean, keep wet for 1 hour, then scrub off in full sun. Let dry in full sun. Wood Assure will now hide most of the mold stains left in wood severely damaged by black mold. For very bad black mold stains select Brown Cedar or Cinnamon Stick (which is the most opaque Wood Assure color). Most of the time Wood Assure 1 Natural Pine is able to make the wood look fresh and natural. It is best to try a sample before deciding which color to use. Excellent Even in High Sun or High Mold Climates.

BLUE STAIN INFECTED PINE: When pine beetles travel under the bark they carry fungus spores with them, behind their little necks. It would seem relatively harmless but this fungus infects the sap wood and travels through the lumber, staining the wood, thus the name blue stain. Logs and pine timbers often grow more blue stain even after being milled. It's hard stuff to kill. Wood Assure 1 coated over wood like this will create a condition in the sapwood that is not conducive to growth of blue stain and black mold stains. Coating timbers on the job site before erection will provide necessary protection. It is extremely common for logs and timbers to get black mold and blue stain infections on the job site waiting to be installed. Coat the wood as soon as it arrives with Wood Assure 1. Even if it takes years to get back to the wood and it just lays around getting messy, you can always wash Wood Assure down and recoat it. This way there is a sacrificial barrier to deep staining of the surface wood. Once those stains are in they impossible to fully remove. Coat it with Wood Assure when it arrives. If you have logs that are blue stained wash them with Lime Clean for one hour wet and dry in full sun. Twice.Log Finish

CINNAMON STICK: The color will deepen nicely when coated with Wood Assure 2. When you first apply Cinnamon Stick with Wood Assure 1 it has a light pastel tone to it. This is from the lime and goes away when you top coat. It actually changes a lot and becomes this really deep terra tone brown that has a sort of glow of vibe to it. That vibe is from the lime. Just like in venetian plaster, lime has a special quality when it comes to color. Covering a home with this does something special.

SUMMARY: Wood Assure 1 gets mixed 1:1 with water saving money. Order 1 gallon for every 400-600 sft of wood surface. Wood Assure 2 gets diluted with a quart of Pure Citrus Solvent if it's being used on new wood or non porous (redwood, ipe...) woods. On weathered wood use it pure, right out of the can. Order 1 gallon of Wood Assure 2 for every 350-500 sft of wood surface. In high sun areas, select the same color for Wood Assure 1 & 2. In shaded areas it's fine to use Wood Assure 2 Clear because it wont' require the extra sun protection. Stain Colorant ships seperately and is mixed onsite before use. Four Colors: Cool Whitewash, Natural Pine, Brown Cedar & Cinnamon Stick. Try sample pints and see!