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Special Linseed Oil

Wood Finish

100% Pure | Zero Voc | Safe for Food Contact Surfaces

USE ON: Fine woodwork, wood trim, cutting boards, cribs, kids furniture or any place a high quality linseed oil finish is desired.

Special Linseed Oil Wood Finish is a pure, natural wood finish that gets wiped into wood. It penetrates deep and hardens naturally. If you love an oil finish you are going to love this oil. It's the best we've found from American Flax and is super easy to apply. It's similar to high grade polymerized linseed oil but very clear and not so thick that it won't soak deep into the wood. This is a rare oil finish.

WHAT'S IN IT? Nothing but pure linseed oil. Special Linseed Oil is pure flax oil that is specially selected from the best batches of each years crop. It is made in small boutique grade batches using an extensive filtration process as well as special heating and aging processes. These unique methods produce a linseed oil finish that is second to none. Our linseed oil wood finish is very clear and dries naturally with out the use of any driers at all.

Wood Finish



The finest Linseed Oil produced in the USA is selected every year and set aside for small specialty batches. These batches are made a few times a year at most. This linseed oil then undergoes a series of natural processess, above and beyond what any typical polymerized linseed oil would undergo. This process produces the best linseed oil wood finish on earth. Special Linseed Oil wood Finish.


Natural Wood Finish


Wood Finish



Application Summary

Square Foot Coverage: Figure 400-500 Sft / gal on most hardwoods. Less on soft woods. Apply multiple coats as desired.

Rubbing Oil Finish Application: Wipe, Rag, Brush, Mop or roll on thin coats. Wipe off all excess film from the surface. Don't leave a film, wet on the surface. Leave the surface feeling relatively dry and clean. Repeat every 24-48 hours, lightly sand in between coats with 150 grit. Apply with the wood grain direction. Warm oil will absorb deeper into warm wood. Use caution if warming oil to not burn skin. Deeper penetration creates deeper grain illumination.

For the most sophisticated oil finish: Sand to higher grit after applying 2-4 coats, such as 220, 320, 400, 600, 1000 and polish with Looking Glass Beeswax Polish.

Dilute: Use Pure Citrus Solvent or Corn Solvent to dilute if desired. Diluting is not necessary. Can be diluted up to 50%.

Help it Dry Naturally: Open windows and turn on fans to allow fresh air into the room BEFORE coating the room. If humidity level is high product will take longer to dry. If no air is circulating it will take longer to dry. Keep warm, dry air circulating and you should be able to reapply after it soaks in or after a 12-24 hour dry. No driers are added so in some situations it may take even longer to dry. If doing portable projects, placing them in the sun, outside for a few hours can aid drying dramatically. If you require faster drying use Bio Poly NT or Rainforest. Since the Special Linseed Oil soaks into the wood dry time is not a significant factor. Most people would assume it is dry after 12 hours.

A Note About Spontaneous Combustion: This natural reaction can be confusing; especially when it comes to a pure linseed oil that doesn't have any petrochemical solvents. Linseed Oil itself isn't particularly easy to burn. If you put a match in it the match goes out. It takes high temperature to make it burn. Like most things, if it gets hot enough it can burn. However, rags left piled up can spontaneously combust in a reaction similar to wet hay. If no air gets to the oil and it is left in a pile long enough it could generate its own heat and eventually self ignite. Laying rags flat in open air will prevent this.

We toss our soaked rags in a bucket with Earth Clean and water in it. Then when we have time they can be rinsed and dried flat for reuse. Wood coated with Special Linseed Oil does not spontaneously combust because it is open and air flows freely. Heat is not generated.

Maintenance Recoats: Wash lightly with diluted Earth Clean and water after curing 2 weeks. Can be recoated as desired with more Special Linseed Oil Wood Finish.

Clean Up: Earth Clean & Water

*Contains 100% Pure Specially Made Linseed Oil.

No Solvent, Additives or Driers.


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