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NanoTech is a fast drying, very low odor, semi gloss finish. This is a true nano polymer technology. It is Not made from nano dust particles, but actual nano sized liquid acrylic resin. This innovative technology provides a super durable finish that dries in 30 minutes and leaves practically no odor in the room that night.

Floor Finish

Application Summary

Floor Finish

Theoretical Square Foot Coverage: Figure 600-800 Sft / gal on most hardwoods. Less on soft woods (aprox 350-550). Apply 3 coats medium traffic. 4 coats high traffic.

Application Wood Floors: Mop onto floor with a lint free wood floor mop. Cut in corners with a brush as needed and then mop into the cut in, working your way out of the room. Mop with the grain of the wood. Recoat every 30-90 minutes. Apply 2-4 coats.

Application Concrete Floors: Roll or spray onto dry floor. Product is highly blush resistant and bonds extremely well, however, insure that proper preparation procedures are followed before coating.

Dilute: Use water.

Clean Up: Use water.

Daily Cleaning: Wash with mild household detergent and water.

Maintenance: Sand smooth and roll or mop on another coat. This is an easy way to freshen up and old floor. If the floor is in very bad shape consult with your floor finish professional.

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Product Description


NanoTech is the newest generation of nano polymer science. It's invention allows us coat a wood or concrete floor, four coats, in one or two days! We have always stubbornly refused to use waterbased polyurethane because of the nmp, TEA and isocyanate poisons used in them. With the creation of NanoTech's acrylic nano polymer we have found a way to offer all of the fantastic benefits of a water based polyurethane but none of the poisons. No NMP, TEA or Isocyanates! This extraordinary accomplishment not only means you can safely breath the air nearby when NanoTech is being used but also that none of the offensive odor is present. There are zero free isocyanates in this non toxic, low odor acrylic resin! And it cleans up with water.

Log FinishWood Finish: NanoTech is a great replacement for waterbased polyurethane. In fact it is far better than any waterbased polyurethane we have ever seen. Wood can be coated exterior as well as interior. The bond strength is amazing. We have coated high gloss, old epoxy without sanding. Bond strength measured an unheard of 700 psi! Testing is always required before coating anything but we have found that NanoTech bonds exceptionally well to glossy surfaces without sanding. Compare to Bona Traffic or Basic Streetshoe 275.

Concrete Staining and Sealing: NanoTech is an incredible Concrete Sealer. Simply roll on multiple coats and forget about it. A stunningly beautiful concrete floor is created by rolling NanoTech Clear 00 over a concrete stain. Acid Wash, Blast or Grind the Concrete. Stain the concrete, allow to dry for a couple days and come back and roll on the NanoTech 1-3 coats. Concrete Sealed in this way will last for ages, feel great and be very easy to maintain. Use the Ask Earthpaint tool for more info.

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Fast Drying: NanoTech can be topcoated in approximately 30-40 minutes. Ordinarily this would mean that the product dries too fast and will show lap marks. NOT SO with NanoTech. This finish lays down so super smooth that even on a gym floor you can mop it on and have no visible lap issues! Even better you can finish that gym the same day and never have to break down and clean up your tools again. The chemical resistant, waterproof film is ready for business in a couple hours after the final coat is applied. Allow to dry overnight if appying four coats in a day.

Square Foot Coverage: You get more for your money with a product of this quality. We typically see this finish cover 800 sft / gallon when mopped on hardwoods. Less on absorbent pine and softwoods, ESPECIALLY reclaimed woods. Concrete Floors that are rolled typically cover 400-600 sft per gallon. This will depend on how thick the roller nap is and how thick the person applying lays the product down. It is very hard to misapply this finish.

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Stain: Nano Tech is an excellent stain vehicle. All of our wood finishes come clear and then get tinted. We love the way NanoTech stains wood. Our furniture makers have been very impressed with it's staining ability. The fact that boards can be stained, topcoated and hung all in one day is a big plus.

FLOOR STAINING APPLICATION TIP: On large surfaces add a little water to NanoTech to help stay wet longer. Or use Bio Poly NT as your stain vehicle. Waterbased stains like NanoTech are easy to use on small surfaces like doors and windows but they can be tricky to use on large areas like big floors because they dry fast and thus could show a lapmark due to the stain overlapping. Instead of one uniform coat, where the overlap occurs the stain can appear as two coats. This is easy to avoid by keeping a wet edge and having someone wipe down right behind you, leaving it perfectly smooth. However, if this is too hard for you to do on very large areas, such as floors. We recommend using a high quality natural tree resin like Bio Poly NT as the stain vehicle on floors. You will have to wait 24-48 hours to recoat but it will look fantastic! And be easy to apply.


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Hi Tom,

First of all, an update. We have successfully been finishing our benches and other products with a "half-Fawn" formula of the Nanotech. We have a company spraying the products for us, and we tried different formulas of Nanotech, from Clear to full strength Fawn. The products look great now, with the protection that Nanotech offers. Thanks to you!

Thanks very much!