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Clear Skies - Eggshell and Satin

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Clear Skies is no ordinary Low Voc house paint. It is a Healthy Sustainable Paint that leaves the home smelling fresh and clean. Not only is it easy to use it's also very durable with a beautiful, natural glow. The secret is in our pure ingredients. You will have a rich, premium look without the suspicious chemicals found in many low and zero voc paints. Earthpaint does not use Vinyl.

Use Clear Skies on Commercial, Residential or Industrial buildings. In Kitchens, Offices, Baths, Bedrooms, Baby Rooms, Nurseries, Kids Rooms, Hospice areas, Living Rooms and for Siding and Trim outside.

Prime: For the ultimate non toxic interior paint experience prime the wall first with Lime Prime. This fantastic primer will give Clear Skies great hiding power and make the surface inhospitable to mold and mildew stains and such. This is perfect for hospitals, nurseries, daycare.

Exterior: Clear Skies is a very durable exterior paint. The oil base coalescent that is used has some very advanced characteristics not found in ordinary acrylic paint. We have that buildings properly painted with Clear Skies do not fade, blister or peel. We have been impressed how Clear Skies has outlasted some of the biggest names in coatings in side by side comparisons, on Main St (Biltmore Ave to exact). By watching the behavior of this coating over the past five years we see that most coatings are faded, peeling and in desperate need of recoating. Clear Skies holds strong looking good.

Purchase: Personal service is necessary for the best experience of a Healthy Sustainable paint. We sell white paint online but tinted paint is an art. Earthpaint insists on professional service for Clear Skies when having colors mixed. Our distributor below will insure you have the information needed to get your project done right. Color selection is easier to narrow down on the phone with an experienced pro. If you only need white paint feel free to order online.

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Check out Lime Prime for the best possible primer.


A boutique grade Healthy Sustainable Paint! Clear Skies is made with fresh Georgia Clay and Non Toxic Pure Acrylic Resin, no copolymers or vinyl. It is tintable to any color, washable and very low odor. The sheen is very similar to Benjamin Moore's eggshell sheen and satin sheen. It is a durable finish that hides well and touches up nicely but it also has some washability built in so that it lasts longer than a regular finish. With a super low odor, and no toxins, many people find they can sleep in the room within a day of painting.

Sheen: Clear Skies has a beautiful eggshell or satin finish. It's great how nicely the eggshell touches up without showing much lap marks, yet it is still scrubbable and easy to clean. Satin is very durable and washable and although the touch up is not as good as eggshell, it is more durable and allows more light into the room.

What's the difference? Clear Skies is locally made. It is locally sourced. This means the ecological footprint is very light. We use recycled content as much as possible and the additives that usually go unmentioned are fully addressed in Clear Skies. No vinyl. No Acrylic Copolymer. Plant based coalescent. Tougher than most exterior paints yet smells great and stands up to abuse, even in kids rooms.

non toxic paint

Additives: With the support of our local community, Earthpaint has spent many years finding ways to make safer additive technology work. This has not been an easy task but it we feel it is worth it. We use plant based coalescents, biocides based on skin cream technology, a defoamer that adds no VOC or Silicone to the paint. To really make a difference every single non toxic, high purity ingredient must be safe enough for us to use near our own children!

Getting Started

Start With Priming Inside: Use Lime Prime to prime walls and wood being coated with Clear Skies. Lime Prime is not a stain blocker so if you have stains you may need to stain block them and then prime with Lime Prime. If you prime before darker colors they cover in less coats. If you select a dark color it's best to plan to prime it Grey first. Bright yellows and bright oranges, are notorious for needing 2-3 coats. Our distributor will help you get the right primer and color for your project.

Exterior: Don't use a primer outside. The resin in Clear Skies is stronger than nearly all primers. Apply directly to masonry, wood, cement fiber, stucco (not metal). If applying to existing coatings test first for adhesion. If you need a stain blocker Mountain works great to block water and tannin stains or use a similarly suitable exterior grade stain blocker. Use Lime Clean to prep exterior surfaces for coating.

How Much to buy? Estimate 300 sft / gl new drywall first coat, 400 sft / gl to repaint.

How Many Coats? Raw, absorbent surfaces will soak in more product, meaning you need to figure on using more paint for these surfaces. This includes new drywall and especially masonry or concrete block. Figure on 1 coat for repainting similar colors. 2-3 coats for new walls. Use primer and 2-3 coats for going over darker colors.

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