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Rainforest Sealer

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Rainforest Sealer


All Natural Wood Finish, Penetrates Deeply and Leaves A Beautiful Matte Finish. Great Deck Stain and more...

Deck Stain


Rainforest is a great deck stain and natural wood finish because it has high resin content, soaks deep into wood and seals and stains in one step. Just brush and roll into a thirsty deck and you will clearly see the wood being nourished by this rich deck stain. It frequently covers up to 5 times as much area as a lower quality deck stain which helps save your wood, your money and our planet!

Deck Stain

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Deck Stain & Wood Stain Colors- Sample pints are the best way to check a natural wood finish or deck stain color on your wood variety.


Deck Cleaning Q&A

How to Stain A Deck with Rainforest and Mountain XT


Natural Wood Finish

Deck Stain Information

Wood Stain Colors: For a natural wood tone on light colored woods use Light Honey. On darker woods like cedar and ipe use Honey stain. This gives more protection from sunlight yet is hardly shows up in the wood and looks very natural.

For dark brown stain try Toffee, Fawn, Acorn or Raisin. Raisin stain is one of the darker browns. Acorn is lighter. To make Pressure Treated last longer Bark, Cinnamon Stick, Cool Leaf and Brown Cedar are very nice looking stains. To make a Pressure treated deck look more like a higher quality, natural toned woodl (like cedar) use Light Cedar, Honey, Caramel, Butterscotch or Brown Cedar stains.

Choosing Deck Stain / Exterior Stain: Rainforest can be used clear without stain but to get a longer lasting exterior finish you actually will do best by selecting a stain. A little bit of color will go a long way to keeping the wood looking good, longer. Otherwise wood will start to grey with prolonged sunlight exposure.

Clear and Natural: There are many great stain colors to choose from that look clear and natural but provide a goot bit of protection against UV Radiation. [Light Honey, Honey, Light Cedar, Golden Rod are all very lightly tinted]. Of course, its fine to use Rainforest clear, without stain added but this is best for quality woods like Locust, Ipe, Cedar and even then it doesn't hurt the natural look at all to use Honey or Light Honey. Brush and Roll one coat of Rainforest for a Matte Finish Penetrating Stain. Let it soak in completely to a natural matte (flat) finish.

Dark Stain Lasts Longer: We have created complex oxide based stain colors that will last very well outside in harsh weather conditions. Brown Cedar is a great color that isn't too dark, wood still shows through, but it blocks a lot of UV Radiation. Tofee, Warm Cinnamon and Raisin last the longest outside.

Stain Injectors: These are great. They allow the user to control how dark the stain will be. If you want it lighter add less. If you want it darker add more. Extra injectors area available online and can be mixed and matched to create a custom color.

Clear Weather Barrier Topcoat: For the best, longest lasting exterior wood finish apply a clear top coat of Mountain XT over Rainforest. Apply Mountain XT Clear 00 on vertical surfaces (siding / rails) and leave the horizontal surfaces (decks / floors) with one penetrating stain coat of Rainforest. If you would like to apply a Clear 00 Top Coat on deck floor or such, please, use the Ask Earthpaint tool first to make sure it is appropriate.

Cimate Regions: High moisture, mold and mildew climates do best with a darker stain and a Clear 00 top coat. Rainforest has proven itself through intense cold, snow and ice. A top coat of Mountain XT Clear 00 is not recommended for desert conditions where high intensity sunlight persists relentlessly. A single penetrating coat of Rainforest with a darker stain color does best in these climates.


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